Sunday, March 4, 2018

Zumbro training 2/26-3/4 Recap

Monday: REST

Tuesday:  Assignment was 2x3mile Cruise intervalls at 8:00 pace (24:00min) with 3 minute recovery jog. It was a nice 24F this morning and shorts were in order to celebrate the warmth. Ran my 10 minute warm up and got down to business. First rep I got done in 23:47, so pretty good, and the thing is, I felt pretty darn good after it!

Second set I was kind of tired, but nit bad at all. These Cruise intervals are supposed to be a "comfortably hard" pace, and I think this workout finally showed me what that feels like.  I ran rep 2 in 23:47, the same as rep 1!  I was feeling tired, but not overly so.  I "think" I might have been able to do another rep at that pace but I'm not 100% sure, which is a decent feeling to have. 

Wednesday: Officially assigned a road run.  Got in 6.6 miles in the 1:00:00 assigned to run.  Run felt good, but I've definitely been dragging lately, not so much while running, but the rest of the time

Thursday: REST  and I think  I figured out that it's really that my nutrition has been off that's causing my fatigue issues.  I had Emailed coach about it anyway and he'll be adjusting my training load.

Friday: Trail Run.  Assignment was 45:00 on trail.  I got in 4.3 miles.  Run felt pretty good.  After feeling dragging for a while, it was to have a run feel good.

Saturday: Assignment was 3:00:00 easy trail run.  With temps warming, it was a trick to keep running but not post hole too much.  Walking made less track, but really slowed down the run.  Ended up with 13.3 miles.  Run felt pretty good and It was just nice running easy.

Sunday:  Another 3:00:00 run day.  Got in 14.3 miles for an average pace of 12:33.  Run felt good.

Total Distance: 47.1 miles
Total Time on Feet: 8:58:01

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