Sunday, January 7, 2018

Zumbro training 1/1-1/7 Recap

This was a mixed up, crazy, hard week!

Monday: REST  This normal rest day really helped me recharge.

Tuesday:  Well, Coach Jake threw me for a loop with this one.  Speed day was switched to Tuesday!  Assignment wa 20min Warm Up, then 5 miles at 7:45-7:50 pace, followed by 10min Cool Down.  When he told me a few weeks ago that I'd look at some workouts and go "ugh" I didn't realize it was going to come so soon!  I DREADED this workout.  As it turns out, I shouldn't have.  I averaged 7:47 for the 5 miles and felt fine.  I actually really LIKED this workout.

Wednesday: Wednesday was an easy pace road run, nothing special, other than my legs being a bit tired from Tuesday's run.  Ran a bit too hard and got in 6.6 miles during the assigned hour.  Too fast, but it felt pretty good.

Thursday:  REST

After the Ridge
Friday: This was a trail run day this week.  I had to drop Little Man at daycare in the morning, so my run didn't happen until 8:15 in the evening.  it was -20 when I was running.  Went to the Giant's Ridge and got in 4.85 miles.  New distance record for a 1:00:00 run at the Ridge.

Saturday: This run was a total suffer fest and I can't really call it a run.  After not enough sleep, I only got in 8.1 miles in 2:27:09.  Plan had called for 2:30:00 and I had hoped to get 10 miles or more.  However, after a late Friday, and my left foot starting to freeze, I ended up going VERY slow and cutting it short.

Sunday:  Went to the Ridge for for my 1:15:00 run.  Was very tired, so took it easy. I got in 5.4 miles, which was good enough I guess.

Total Distance: 33.2 miles
Total Time on Feet: 6:51:25

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