Monday, January 1, 2018

Zumbro training 12/25-12/31 Recap

Week 8 down!
Monday: REST  This normal rest day really helped me recharge.  I used to begrudge rest days, but the Friday/Saturday/Sunday combination of  Speed Work/Long Trail/Mid-distance Trail, really kicks my rear, so I'm happy with the recovery.

Tuesday:  This was my final trail run at White Tail Ridge.  The run felt good.  I got in 6.6 miles in the 1:15:00 I was assigned.  The lower elevation made for faster running but, as usual, running on single track kept things honest.

Wednesday: As is becoming normal, Wednesday was an easy pace Road run.  Ran a bit too hard and got in 6.7 miles during the assigned hour.  Too fast, (again!) but it felt pretty good.

Thursday:  REST

Friday:  Speed work day!  My speed day got switched from Saturday to Friday.  Assignment was 5x800m at 3:20 per split.  I got the first two intervals in, under 3:20.  Intervals 3-5 were all in the 3:21-3:22 range.  it was like -20F for a temp though, and that probably slowed me down some, so I was pretty happy, despite the workout kicking my rear.

Saturday: Assignment was 2:30:00.  I went to the Laurentian divide for my run.  Temp was only -17F, but the Windchill was -35F.  I only made it 1:47:00 and 6.9 miles.  My left glove came off at one point, and I couldn't get it fully back on.  I cut the run short when my left hand really started to hurt from the cold.

Sunday:  NYE group run! Went to a friend's house where he has a half mile single track loop marked out in the snow.  After like 17-18 laps, I had gotten in my 1:3:00 (1:35:36 actually) and a total of 9 miles.  It was -20, but proper layering and some heated gloves meant I was never cold!

Total Distance: 36.47 miles
Total Time on Feet: 6:44:49

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