Sunday, November 19, 2017

Zumbro training 11/13-11/19 Recap

Week two is officially in the books.  This was a week of awesomeness and uncertainty, but a good one.  Here's a rundown of the week:

Monday: REST  This normal rest day really helped me recharge.  I used to begrudge rest days, but the Friday/Saturday/Sunday combination of Trail/SpeedWork/Long Trail, really kicks my rear, so I'm happy with the recovery.

Tuesday: Tuesday's run was different from last weeks hill repeat day.  Assignment was 45 minutes at easy pace.  Not much to report, really, other than I got in 3.3 miles for an average pace of 13:33.  It was a good run.

Wednesday: Another Easy Pace Trail Run was on the menu for today.  This one for an hour.  I hit the Ridge again and got in 4.2 miles for an average pace of 13:43... Whoa, two runs a minute/mile faster than last week... same course...

Thursday:  Rest day.  I guess I'm lucky, it only took me 2 weeks to get accustomed to having more than one rest day in a week.

Friday: Another 60 minute trail run on my normal route.  Managed 4.4 miles and Average pace of 13:24.... This is getting interesting.  I had almost 4 minutes to spare when I got to the truck and had to do a quick loop through the ice covered parking lots to get my time in.  Am I really getting faster already?

Saturday: Speed Work Day!!!  Assignment was 10x400m intervals at 1:40 (6:40/mile) pace, with 2 minute recovery, along with 20 minute warm up and 10 minute cool down.  This was a GREAT workout!  I actually averaged 1:38 on my splits and felt pretty good when I finished.  I was really surprised that I felt as good as I did when I finished.

Sunday:  Sunday is my longest duration run of the week (note: not necessarily longest distance).  Got up at 0415 and was running at right around 0500.  In the 1:45:00 assigned time, I got in 7.2 miles, for an average pace of 14:36.  I was kind of bummed that my average pace was slower than last Sunday until I looked at the elevation distance.  Today's run was only 0.8 miles further, but I added ~600 feet of elevation.  That'll really slow you down!  In the end, a good run!

Total Distance: 26.6 miles
Total Time on Feet: 5:37:52

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