Sunday, November 12, 2017

Zumbro training 11/6-11/12 Recap

Well, I did it, I finished my first week of training for the Zumbro Endurance Race 100 mile.  This was my first week of training under Jake Hegge from Trail Transformation and it was a good one.  Here's a little recap of things.

Monday: REST.  This was normal for me, I have been taking Mondays off since beginning training for Wild Duluth.

Tuesday: Hill day!  Tuesday's assignment was 20 minute warm up, then 10x 1 minute hill repeats with recovery just being what it took to go back down at easy effort, and a 20 minute cool down.  Workout felt good,  Those 1 minute repeats were deceptive.  The first few felt almost too easy, but the ones near the end really hammered me.  Also, I was dumb, misread the schedule and only did a 10 minute cool down... I really need to read better.

Wednesday: Wednesday was trail day.  Assignment was 60 minutes trail running at easy pace. I headed to Giant's Ridge and went up, over, and back, on the snowshoe trails.  It was a great run.

Thursday: REST.  Ugh, really?  Another rest day?  I'm used to 6 days a week.... trust the process, this is why you hired a coach....

Friday: Another trail run day, and another up and over.  This time I had the nice addition of the temp being -6F (-21C).  Run still felt good, and I actually felt slightly overdressed.

Saturday: Cruise Intervals.  Saturday is now my speed work day.  I ran my 20 minute warm up and got down to business. The assignment was 3x 1 Mile Cruise intervals at 7:20 pace, with 2 minute recovery.  Again, I misread the schedule... I thought it was supposed to be 7:30 intervals.... Oh well, interval splits were 7:25, 7:27, 7:28 so, within 10 seconds of the real goal.  Followed the intervals up with a 10 minute cool down.

Sunday: Final run of the week.  Assignment for Sunday was a trail run of 90 minutes.  I ended up getting in 6.3 miles in 90 minutes, for an average pace of 14:02.  I'm not breaking any speed records but, considering that mile 5 took me 20 minutes, I'm not going to complain.  The downhills really helped me make up time.

Total distance: 27 miles
Total Time on Feet: 5:21:41

Mileage is lower than 'I've been at, but the quality of the workouts is amazing.  I keep reminding myself, Quality beats out Quantity.  It's still early on in my training cycle, My mileage will go up, I just have to allow myself to ease into the higher intensity that Jake has me doing.  I just tell myself to rrust the system and keep pounding the trails.

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