Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Zumbro training 11/20-1126 Recap

Getting last week's log in a little late.  Traveling for the Thanksgiving weekend put me a little behind, but it was worth it!

Monday: REST  This normal rest day really helped me recharge.  I used to begrudge rest days, but the Friday/Saturday/Sunday combination of Trail/SpeedWork/Long Trail, really kicks my rear, so I'm happy with the recovery.

Tuesday:  Hill day!  Tuesday's assignment was 20 minute warm up, then 14x 1 minute hill repeats with recovery just being what it took to go back down at easy effort, and a 10 minute cool down.  Workout felt good,  despite there being 25mph winds in my face going downhill.  I actually do like the hill repeats, even if they are a road run.

Wednesday: Another Easy Pace Trail Run was on the menu for today.  This one for an hour.  I hit the Ridge again and got in 4.6 miles for an average pace of 12:56... Cracking 13 minute average on that course was sweet!

Thursday:  6.8 miles on the trails at White Tail Ridge in River Falls, WI.  Normally Thursday is a rest day, but a chance to run with my mom and some other trail runners was too good to pass up.

Friday: REST DAY!  After all the running, turkey, and pie on Thanksgiving, this was nice.

Saturday: Speed Work Day!!!  Assignment was 4x1 Mile Cruise Intervals at 7:20 pace, with 2 minute recovery, along with 20 minute warm up and 10 minute cool down. This one took a lot out of me.  Only a year ago, 7:30 was my mile PR, and now I am running 10sec/mile faster as part of an interval workout!

Sunday:  Sunday was my longest duration and distance run of the week.  Inspired by a fellow runner who was attempting an insane run (I mean that in the best way) I knew I HAD to go for more than the nominal 8 miles I can crank out in 2 hours.  I decided to go for 10 miles.  I had planned to run at White Tail Ridge, but I found it closed when I arrived.  After much cursing my lack of checking on open hours, I drove to Willow River State Park and got on the XC trails.  Two hours later, I had run 10.65 miles.  I was pleased with the results, if not with how tired I was.  Saturday's intervals must have taken a lot out of me.  Good run though.

Total Distance: 36.4 miles
Total Time on Feet: 7:28:34

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