Sunday, December 3, 2017

Zumbro training 11/27-12/3 Recap

Another week down and another step closer to Zumbro.

Monday: REST  After a long weekend of fun with family, bookmarked by 240 mile drives, reat felt good.

Tuesday:  This was supposed to be a trail fartlek day, but turned into kind of a mess due to ice and getting lost.  No Fartlek, but a 4 mile run nonetheless.

Wednesday: Another Easy Pace Trail Run was on the menu for today.  This one for an hour.  I hit the Ridge again and got in 4.3 miles for an average pace of 13:53... Felt good to get in a solid run as a little redemption from the day before.

Thursday: REST

Friday: Speed work day!  My speed day got switched from Saturday to Friday.  Assignment was 5x800m at 3:20 per split.  I got them all in at or under 3:20, so I was pretty happy, despite the workout kicking my rear.

Saturday: Long Run 1/2.  Hit the trails at Giant's Ridge for a 2 hour long run.  My buddy Andy joined me for the first half.  Got in 8.2 miles for an average pace of 14:38.  A little slow, but after the speed work on Friday, not much of a surprise.

Sunday:  Long Run 2/2.  Went to the Laurentian Divide recreation area for some single track fun.  This was a flatter run, but the technical aspects of running single track, plus snow and ice patches, made for a great run.  A tree branch attacking my head 6 miles in wasn't great, but did little to take away from this great run.  Got in 9.5 miles for a 12:38 pace to finish out the training week.

Total Distance: 33.3 miles
Total Time on Feet: 7:07:03

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