Sunday, December 17, 2017

Zumbro training 12/3-12/17 Recap

So, I forgot to put in last week's update, so this one is going to be a two-fer.

Week 1

Monday: Hill Repeats!  Assignment was 5x2min hill repeats with recovery being whatever it took to get back to the bottom.  This was Tuesday's workout, but with a snow storm forecast, I figured the prudent thing to do was to get it in early

Tuesday:  REST- Nosnow storm.... Go figure

Wednesday: Officially assigned a road run.  Got in 6.5 miles in the 1:00:00 assigned to run.  Run felt good

Thursday: REST

Friday: So, I messed this one up.  Assignment was 2x2mile at 7:30 pace.  Went out, got in my 20 minute warm-up and when my watch beeped I started my first interval.  When the watch signaled after 1 mile, I knew I had messed up.  Go figure, I had changed all the settings EXCEPT the interval duration.... grumble, grumble, grumble... reset a generic interval workout for 2xmile with 2 min recovery and set out right away.  First interval was at/under time, all good.  Second interval I was already tired, so it didn't go so well.  I ended up running the second interval in 15:06, so close, yet not there.  Still felt good about almost nailing my pace despite adding an additional hard mile in the beginning.

Saturday: 9.1 lovely trail miles at the Laurentian Divide. Nice dark morning for a run

Sunday:  6.6 road miles at home, nothing really to report on,

Total Distance: 36.5 miles
Total Time on Feet: 6:05:42

Week 2

Monday:  Normal REST day

Tuesday:  Trail Fartlek, 5x2min intervals with 3min slow jog in between.  While not super, this one went a LOT better than the last one.  Still slow, but snow does that.

Wednesday: Officially assigned a road run.  Got in 6.6 miles in the 1:00:00 assigned to run.  Run felt good

Thursday: Trail run.  Another trail run, this one on Thursday, because Friday isn't going to happen because of STAR WARS on Thursday night.  Run went long on time and was shorter distance than I wanted, but oh well.

Friday: Feeling tired/crabby for half the day because of STAR WARS was totally worth it.

Saturday: Out and Back trail run.  Run for 45 minutes at easy pace, turn around and try to get back in 40.  I got back in 39:13, so despite it being a slow and slow feeling day, I got it done

Sunday:  2 hour trail run day.  With heavy legs and snow that made it like running on sand, I only got in 8,1 in my 2 hours, but I got it done, so there's that.

Total Distance: 29.8 miles
Total Time on Feet: 6:28:54

So, there you have it, two weeks worth of Zumbro training.

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