Sunday, January 28, 2018

Zumbro training 1/22-1/28 Reecap

FINALLY got a week of "warm" weather

Monday: REST

Tuesday:  Hill day!  Tuesday's assignment was 20 minute warm up, then 6x2:30 hill repeats with recovery just being what it took to go back down at easy effort, and a 10 minute cool down.  Workout felt good,  Pretty tired on the run, averaged 7:28 pace on the climbs.  Run felt good and I probably could have done a few more repeats, but it pushed me just right.  n a side note, if my hill repeat duration gets any longer, I'm going to have to find a new hill.  Nice problem to have

Wednesday: Plain vanilla, Wednesday was an easy pace road run.  Ran a bit too hard, despite tired/heavy legs and got in 6.6 miles during the assigned hour.  Too fast, but it felt pretty good, despite tired legs from Tuesday's run.

Thursday:  REST

Friday: Friday speed assignment was a Pace Run 3 miles at 7:45 pace, with 4 minute recovery.  Ran my 10 minute warm up, and got down to business.  First rep was great, got it done in 23:07.  Turns out this was definitely the faster 3-mile set.  I walked about half of the 4 minute recovery, feeling pretty tired and set out to run the second 3-mile set. Got it done in 23:27, a bit slow, but not TOO bad, but not quite what I wanted.  Good enough, I guess.  With my 10 minute Cool Down tacked on, I ended up with 8.3 miles for the run.

Saturday: Hit the cross country ski trails at Giant's Ridge.  Run felt good, even if I was a little slow. Got in 14 miles in 3:01:34.  Legs definitely felt the week's workouts, but I still feel OK with the run.

Sunday:  Another run at Giant's Ridge again. Assignment was 1:30:00 and I ended up running for 1:30:10 and 7.3 miles.  Temp was pretty nice, and my tired legs didn't protest too much.

Training is really starting to feel "real" now.  Really loving it!

Total Distance: 43.55 miles
Total Time on Feet: 7:52:12

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