Thursday, February 8, 2018

Zumbro training 1/29-2/4 Recap

Monday: REST

Tuesday:  Trail Fartlek.  This one actually went fairly well.  I hit a flatter.easier section of trail, as instructed, and managed decent (sub-7) paces during the fast parts of the run.  Running on the XC trails meant that I could jog during the recovery between sprints, so it was a nice FAST Fartlek for me.

Wednesday: Another Easy Pace Road Run for 1:00:00.  Pace ended up being "a bit" faster than easy, as I got in 6.6 miles.

Thursday: REST

Friday: Assignment was 1:00:00 easy pace trail run.  I went to Giant's ridge and hit up the trails, running ahead of the groomer, so my tracks would get erased, so as to not be in the way for the skiers.  Got in a solid 5.5 miles

Up the hill after AS3
Finally on top
Saturday: Long Run.   This was more of a slog than a run.  I went south and previewed the Zumbro course, Joining a group from the Upper Midwest Trail Runners.  With the snow on the ground, the uphills were killer,  There were a few runnable miles, but a lot of it was post holing and sloging through snow.  I was able to see the four big climbs on the loop and take their measure.  I've gone on bigger climbs and steeper, so the only issue I foresee is the fact that I will be hitting each hill SIX times.  All in all, it was a good, if long, experience.

Sunday:  After a slower Saturday, I punished myself with a slow Sunday.  4.2 miles going up, over, down, and back, at the Ridge.

Total Distance: 39.4 miles
Total Time on Feet: 9:23:52

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